Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, kinda

So this is my Halloween. Sitting at work doing nothing. lol. The hotel is a ghost town. Pardon the pun. :)

It's really to bad that we can't have some form of automated machine that could give out keys to the few arrivals that are coming. But then, my job would be obsolete and I'd be homeless, so maybe it's not so bad. Also, the guests that are here are my favorite types. They are fun and entertaining and love to sit and chat with you about their wooden flutes. :) Guess you'd have to be here.

Gregg also isn't bad to work with. He and I sit in front of the fire and drink hot tea 'cause it's cold in here. I like the fire. It's warm and toasty and the tiles in front of the fireplace keep your butt warm :)

So Tomorrow is M-Day. I would call it D-Day to be cute, but it's M-Day for moving. :) I wish I could just fast forward past it and us already be there. That'd be great. But either way, it'll be nice.

Well, that is my life in a nut shell. I'm going to finish here because no one should have to read mindless crap just because I'm bored and writing it. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, last night Kindle and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert. It was amazing. They always are. Taylor Swift opened and while her singing is beautiful, her acting and mannerisms leave something to be desired. K and I continually had to remind ourselves that she is just an 18 year old girl who does not know how to perform yet. But Rascal Flatts... they can put on a show! We had excellent seats right next to the stage on the floor. Fabulous.

All in all, it was a show I was so glad I didn't miss. I almost did, but at the LAST minute decided to go.

Today we took some stuff up to the condo to begin moving in. YAY! It seems like it is going to be so much fun. I hope everything works out well. :)

All in all, this weekend is going well so far. Now it's off to finance studying. Lots of finance studying. Boo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So this is the first time I have ever tried to keep up a blog. I am going to actually try and do this and be active with it.. Hopefully this will help keep up with my friends' lives without the use of Stalkbook.

As for what's new in my life? Not much of anything. Still going to school, going to work, and coming home. Soon we'll be in the new house :). I am excited. And secretly nervous. Gracie is my main concern, I hope everyone likes him. I hope he likes it. I hope everything works out well :) I'm sure it will, but just thinking.

Not mush else new in life, just trying to save money which isn't easy when you make hourly wages and can't work a lot of hours. lol. Well, I'll try to keep up with this because I think it'll be fun and good for me.

Lots of Love,
Heather Lynn


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