Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty Stuff

So in the interest of looking forward to the future I have been online shopping for my future office. Right now because we're overseas we only have a small percentage of our stuff here and because delivery fees are so expensive to Hawaii, I am waiting to buy some stuff. :)

I'm doing a beach theme. Ironic I know. But hey, I won't live at the beach anymore and it'll make sense. :)

Lamp number 1. I love that the entire piece is glass. :)

Lamp number 2. This one I will fill with sand from the beaches here and some seashells, etc.

Next is some serving stuff. I love ETSY!!!
For those of you who haven't seen my dining room, it is green. :) and I love this bowl
Ok, I guess that's enough stuff to bore you with. I just wanted to share my finds!! Now to soon have a new place to put it all in. I have plenty of space here but no point in shipping it here to ship it back!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

If I die young

"If I die young bury me in satin, lay me down in a bed of rose, sink me in the river, at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song......"

Beautiful song by The Band Perry. You should totally check them out.

Living on a military base you receive the local military newspaper. For my hubs and I it is the Hawaii Marine. Yesterday's cover included an article regarding members from my B's Battalion receiving Purple Hearts (non-deceased) as well as many other very interesting articles.

I read about different units having helicopter training, I read about funny "In Country" anecdotes. (Which for those not milspouses is when they are not home.) I read about people meeting Gen. Conway and glanced at pictures depicting this. So here I sat, reading the Hawaii Marine drinking my morning juice (I don't do coffee), thinking how normal this was for me. And how normal it didn't used to be. How normal it wasn't. How most people don't wake up and read about people receiving awards for injuries or learning helo training or meeting the Commandant.

All of these things I am privileged to experience. All of these things I am saddened to experience. The military is so bittersweet. We military families have pride that runs thicker than blood. And passion. Oh the passion we are gifted to experience. Because we realize that at any moment it could be taken away. We play hard, we love strongly, we fight loudly, and we work tirelessly. Because every moment is a gift from God. Never have I understood that more. And yet we know loss in untold amounts.

Thankfully I am not a Gold Star Spouse. Unfortunately there is such a thing as a Gold Star Family. I am blessed to know several Gold Star Wives and they are amazing women. They picked up when they had to and kept putting one foot in front of the other. They breathe in and out everyday. And I am thankful for them. And when I say a prayer at night thanking God for keeping my family safe for one more day, I say a prayer for them, that He will keep them warm when their husband's can't.

"... there's a boy here in town, who says he'll love me forever, who would have thought forever could be severed, by a sharp knife of a short life."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive....

So I have been absent for a week because things have been so crazy. The hubs had to have a root canal today so he is not feeling very well. So now on top of all his medical appointments add in dental.

The day before yesterday we listed my car (2003 Ford Explorer) on Craigslist to start the process of selling it before we move. (The USMC won't move more than one car). So Yesterday we meet the first people who were interested. AND SOLD IT. For a great price.

So now I am without a car. Again. haha. I guess you are never supposed to take a blessing for granted. I was so worried that we wouldn't sell it in time and here we sold it in one day to the first buyer. Wow.

We've also been trying to sell some small things around the house that we don't want/need, etc. What better time to get rid of stuff and clean it out than when you are anticipating moving? Then you don't have to haul stuff you won't use. We might not know when we move but we're just being extra prepared. haha. We should be the Coast Guard. Semper Paratus. haha.

So without a car I guess I'll be spending more time at home. Luckily for me I have a stockpile of books. :) The last few days I have been re-reading my Twilight Series. I never cease to enjoy this series. I do however dislike the movies. I have only seen the first and do not plan to watch the rest if I can avoid it. They just aren't the way I envision it so I don't connect like other people do. It's the same for me with Charlaine Harris vs. True Blood. I don't watch that either.

Call me an odd ball I know it's true. haha. What have you all been reading lately? (Or watching if you aren't a reader...) Any suggestions??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homecoming's and Coming Home's

I'd like to start this one off with WELCOME HOME 1/3!! :) Homecomings always give me that warm fuzzy feeling. :) Something about driving around on base reading all the signs hanging on garage doors, fences, walls, etc. Some are cute and sweet with tiny children's hand prints and some are pretty with a hint of sexy implying all the alone time for the wives was worth it. Never ceases to make me smile.

When the hubs got back from Afghan I had a really hard time deciding what to put on my sheet. That's right for you non-military we use bedsheets. Cause we're awesome like that. I went back and forth between popular sayings, song lyrics, or just something of my own. I googled, I doodled, and I bounced ideas off of friends. See, I wasn't in Hawaii when B got back from Iraq so I missed out on this ritual. I eventually came up with something cute and up it went. B liked it, and as is tradition, it now hangs on a wall inside the garage.

As wonderful and touching as this tradition is, there is always one thing I can't help thinking... It may be the OCD in me, or perhaps the former cheerleader but always the same thought. Why can't you people write pretty letters in a straight line?!?!?! haha. Does this make me a bad person? Probably, but it's still the truth. I personally took 2 attempts to get it right. I mean, a sheet is cheap and I had 7 months to get it right....

But either way it's still a nice feeling on base. But sadly it is also bittersweet. Because for some families they are not afforded the same opportunity to hang that sign they agonized over. They do not have the first hug and kiss off the plane (or bus if your base does not have a flight line). They never earn the reward of their months of suffering. And those families can be told many times how thankful we all are for their sacrifice and yet it does not lessen the pain.

So Homecomings are always a mix of feelings for everyone. But I feel like I can honestly say that I am sure the men and women who did not come home would make the sacrifice again to ensure the safe return of those who did come home. So here's to you, our Fallen Heroes, rest well as you are Coming Home, you've earned it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Customer Service anyone?!?!?!

Today was not my proudest moment. But darn it, those women were hateful! Ok. Background.

So while on my way to work I get a phone call from an automated system. It says (roughly)
"This is not a sales call. This is an important message. Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX to speak with a customer services representative regarding this situation"

So odd, I decide to call back, just to be sure. I get (roughly)
"Please wait, your call is important to you, a CSR will be with you shortly"

Still no company name. So I wait. A woman answers and says "Hi thank you for calling ********** How can I help you today?" I explain that I received an automated message and I have no idea what this is. She asks for the phone number that received the call. I give her my number.

She says "Is this [My husband's name]?" I tell her no. I'm cautious so I do not tell her he is my husband. She then says, "Well could you please have him call this number? It is very important for him to call" I ask "How did you get my number?"

And that's when she went nuts. She yells and I quote. "HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK I GOT YOUR NUMBER? Mr. [husband] obviously gave it to me as a reference."
I freaked. I said "Please do not get an attitude with me, I do not even know who you are!" And then while I'm trying to ask questions, she says "Have him call us, have a nice day." And HANGS UP ON ME!!!

That did not go well, I called back. Got a different woman this time. I tried to calmly ask for the manager. She claims she is the manager (a fact I now doubt). So I relay the previous conversation and how the woman behaved.

To which her reply is "Well now you have an attitude with me! I didn't do anything to you." Say what?!?! Do you understand the job of a manager? I was a freakin' manager I know the job description. Acting like a child is not there!

I then calmy tell her well that is fine, but please remove my phone number from your list. She tells me unless I give her [husband]'s phone number she won't take mine off! They don't even know I'm his wife. I could be anybody. You mean to tell me you would call a perfect stranger over and over again even if they don't know who you are looking for? Are you all crazy!!

I finally said, "Look, I still HAVE NO CLUE who you are or why you are calling." Her answer "It's a personal business matter with [husband]". Like are you even real? I mean you say its personal but you are going to strong arm my cell phone until I give you his number so you can then bug him? Like I'm in awe. You're a joke. Oh, and you still didn't give me your COMPANY NAME!!!!

I finally said "So you will not remove my phone number?" She said "No." I said "Fine. Expect a call from my lawyer (who I actually happen to have)." I hung up on her and then used my trusty T-Mobile to block their phone number. Ha-Ha-Ha.

I haven't been so angry in a very long time. My husband got an ear full. He was like "Well who was it?" And all I could say was "I STILL DON'T KNOW!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So last night, I began the chore of yet again fixing dinner for one. The military makes anyone a master at that I've decided. Usually I don't put much effort into it when it's just me and I nuke something frozen in my handy dandy microwave. Last night, however, I thought I would actually fix myself something.

One serving of pasta alfredo, a piece of garlic bread, and some cucumber later I found myself on the couch, sick as could be. It was all I could do to not vomit. So right after 2 chewable peptos, I decided to go to bed early and hope to combat the ickness. Thankfully I was able to sleep.

Until 6:00 this morning. When the weed-eating started. Those stupid machines are so so loud. Like painfully loud. Gracie and I desperately tried to resume sleeping but it was not possible. And so today began. Certainly not my idea of a good start.

My life is kinda lame today. I'll see if I can't do better next time. haha

Monday, June 7, 2010



That is where my first attempt at the blog was. I was trying to be the nice person and be very generic while complaining about my life. But I have decided I'm burnt out on that. I'm unhappy and I want to be allowed to say it. I mean, it is my blog and all.

I'm tired of people lying. I'm tired of people saying they are your friend and then burning you the first chance they get. I'm tired of watching people whom I trusted abuse others. And I'm sure as heck tired of them pretending they aren't.

Another thing. I'm tired of people abusing the Word of God. Do NOT write Bible verses and use God's name for your own agenda. Do NOT post in your facebook status how much you try to live by His design. Do NOT insult me or anyone else by pretending you live for HIM. If you knew a darn thing about the Bible, you would know verses like Matthew 7:5 "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." or John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." I believe that one includes being willing to lay down his life.

I'm not sure what pains me the most. Your attitude, or your absolute disregard for others than yourself. The best part is, I have ONE person in mind right now. And I have half a freaking mind to call you out. But I do have a small amount of couth left, enough to spare you that embarrassment. Consider it a favor to a REAL friend. Which you have proven you aren't. I'm sure several people reading this will think I am talking about them, but they'd be wrong. I am speaking only to YOU.

I thought I knew you. My husband called you "brother". You fooled us all. You showed your true colors. I expected more from someone your age.

You broke my heart.

I believe in forgive and forget. I heard it best somewhere that I would forgive you and then forget you. But I do not forgive you. The Bible tells me to, I do not. Someday maybe. Today is not that day.

For today, today you are smelling like a rose that somebody gave you on your birthday deathbed...... And here is where I [delete] you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Come and knock on my door...

So after it took me hours to fall asleep last night I started having a nightmare. It was a really gross one. I was dreaming I was in my house and there were roaches everywhere. All over the walls were the big ones and the carpets were littered with like, baby ones or something. Important part? THEY WERE EVERYWHERE. And gross.

So I wake up at like 3am from this nightmare to decide I simply MUST clean my house up. Not that it's dirty, just because. So at 3am, I get up and clean up the bedroom. I clean the bathroom except the floor cause the Swiffer is downstairs and once I've locked myself in the room for the night, I don't exit it again. I finally got back in bed ready to go back to sleep. Ugh. Just thinking about this dream now makes me itchy all over. I hate bugs.

On another note, I spent some time today thinking about how much time I spend alone. Obviously when Brandon is gone I spend more time alone, but I realized today I kinda shut myself off from the rest of the world. I work alone, I drive alone, I eat alone, I shop alone, I spend time with my babies alone. Lots of time to myself. lol. It's not bad though. I don't feel lonely much. I'm very content with myself and my life. Just an observation. Guess it comes from being married to the military. :)


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