Friday, June 11, 2010

Customer Service anyone?!?!?!

Today was not my proudest moment. But darn it, those women were hateful! Ok. Background.

So while on my way to work I get a phone call from an automated system. It says (roughly)
"This is not a sales call. This is an important message. Please call XXX-XXX-XXXX to speak with a customer services representative regarding this situation"

So odd, I decide to call back, just to be sure. I get (roughly)
"Please wait, your call is important to you, a CSR will be with you shortly"

Still no company name. So I wait. A woman answers and says "Hi thank you for calling ********** How can I help you today?" I explain that I received an automated message and I have no idea what this is. She asks for the phone number that received the call. I give her my number.

She says "Is this [My husband's name]?" I tell her no. I'm cautious so I do not tell her he is my husband. She then says, "Well could you please have him call this number? It is very important for him to call" I ask "How did you get my number?"

And that's when she went nuts. She yells and I quote. "HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK I GOT YOUR NUMBER? Mr. [husband] obviously gave it to me as a reference."
I freaked. I said "Please do not get an attitude with me, I do not even know who you are!" And then while I'm trying to ask questions, she says "Have him call us, have a nice day." And HANGS UP ON ME!!!

That did not go well, I called back. Got a different woman this time. I tried to calmly ask for the manager. She claims she is the manager (a fact I now doubt). So I relay the previous conversation and how the woman behaved.

To which her reply is "Well now you have an attitude with me! I didn't do anything to you." Say what?!?! Do you understand the job of a manager? I was a freakin' manager I know the job description. Acting like a child is not there!

I then calmy tell her well that is fine, but please remove my phone number from your list. She tells me unless I give her [husband]'s phone number she won't take mine off! They don't even know I'm his wife. I could be anybody. You mean to tell me you would call a perfect stranger over and over again even if they don't know who you are looking for? Are you all crazy!!

I finally said, "Look, I still HAVE NO CLUE who you are or why you are calling." Her answer "It's a personal business matter with [husband]". Like are you even real? I mean you say its personal but you are going to strong arm my cell phone until I give you his number so you can then bug him? Like I'm in awe. You're a joke. Oh, and you still didn't give me your COMPANY NAME!!!!

I finally said "So you will not remove my phone number?" She said "No." I said "Fine. Expect a call from my lawyer (who I actually happen to have)." I hung up on her and then used my trusty T-Mobile to block their phone number. Ha-Ha-Ha.

I haven't been so angry in a very long time. My husband got an ear full. He was like "Well who was it?" And all I could say was "I STILL DON'T KNOW!"


  1. Hahaha I expect to hear more on this later! I <3 you!

  2. haha... i love ur reaction!! i would have so totally been like i need the highest person that i can talk to since you obviously dont know how to do your job! i so cant wait to hear what happens next!!

    be careful though i had some random person call my cell saying my "visa" was deactivated, which is funny since visa is no longer a credit card it chase and then when i called the number they said it said please enter your 18 digit account number, i hung up and called my banks and credit cards!!

    scammers are getting sneaker then ever!! good luck with that company



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