Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty Stuff

So in the interest of looking forward to the future I have been online shopping for my future office. Right now because we're overseas we only have a small percentage of our stuff here and because delivery fees are so expensive to Hawaii, I am waiting to buy some stuff. :)

I'm doing a beach theme. Ironic I know. But hey, I won't live at the beach anymore and it'll make sense. :)

Lamp number 1. I love that the entire piece is glass. :)

Lamp number 2. This one I will fill with sand from the beaches here and some seashells, etc.

Next is some serving stuff. I love ETSY!!!
For those of you who haven't seen my dining room, it is green. :) and I love this bowl
Ok, I guess that's enough stuff to bore you with. I just wanted to share my finds!! Now to soon have a new place to put it all in. I have plenty of space here but no point in shipping it here to ship it back!!


  1. I like lamp number one, only because I'm SUPER superstitious and the locals believe that if you -take- anything natural from the island and you're not local, that something bad will come your way. However if a local sells it to you, you're clear of it. I know it's just an island myth, but I wouldn't dare take sand from the beaches. Besides... why should I? This place is paradise and I should leave it how I found it for someone else to enjoy. ;)

    Found you through semperspouse! I'm here too. Maybe we can get together sometime!

  2. Aww thanks! Yeah, I'm not very superstitious, but I have sand that was given to us from our wedding, so I think I'm ok!

    How long have you been here? This has been our station since 2007 so we're nearing the end. But most definitely I'd love to get together!!



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