Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive....

So I have been absent for a week because things have been so crazy. The hubs had to have a root canal today so he is not feeling very well. So now on top of all his medical appointments add in dental.

The day before yesterday we listed my car (2003 Ford Explorer) on Craigslist to start the process of selling it before we move. (The USMC won't move more than one car). So Yesterday we meet the first people who were interested. AND SOLD IT. For a great price.

So now I am without a car. Again. haha. I guess you are never supposed to take a blessing for granted. I was so worried that we wouldn't sell it in time and here we sold it in one day to the first buyer. Wow.

We've also been trying to sell some small things around the house that we don't want/need, etc. What better time to get rid of stuff and clean it out than when you are anticipating moving? Then you don't have to haul stuff you won't use. We might not know when we move but we're just being extra prepared. haha. We should be the Coast Guard. Semper Paratus. haha.

So without a car I guess I'll be spending more time at home. Luckily for me I have a stockpile of books. :) The last few days I have been re-reading my Twilight Series. I never cease to enjoy this series. I do however dislike the movies. I have only seen the first and do not plan to watch the rest if I can avoid it. They just aren't the way I envision it so I don't connect like other people do. It's the same for me with Charlaine Harris vs. True Blood. I don't watch that either.

Call me an odd ball I know it's true. haha. What have you all been reading lately? (Or watching if you aren't a reader...) Any suggestions??

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