Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BloggyLand Bliss

It's an unfortunately fact of life that we as bloggers like to write about things that are going well in our lives. We love to talk about how much we love our hunnys and how great our friends are and how much our wardrobe and world rocks. But when it comes to the rough parts, the really tough parts, we want to keep those to ourselves. Not because they aren't interesting, in fact they are actually probably more interesting to our readers than the good times.

But rather because we don't like to show vulnerability. 

We don't want the world to know when things are less than perfect. But here's the reality. Things aren't perfect. And neither are we. Life happens, people happen, arguments happen, it all happens. 

So I guess this is me telling you that not everything is great in my world right now. I love my husband and my family and my friends, but things are just kinda rough lately. And I'm not afraid to tell it.

Or maybe I am since I didn't elaborate on my actual problems and rather spoke in the abstract...

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