Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm a bad blogger this month.

Sad but true fact.

But I have a really really good reason. I've been WORKING. :) Granted it's only a temporary job, but hey, it's bringing in some much need cash. BIG SMILES!!

In other news, The hubs is OFFICIAL! My handsome man in camo is now a handsome man in blue. (Personally I think it's black, but it's like the Marine Corps Dress Blue jaket, it's the point that counts) Technically he's still a man in camo, too, but that one's taking a backseat.

He has already started his ride alongs, has his duty belt, and will be sworn in next week!! I'm so proud I could BURST! I really do have the greatest husband in the WHOLE WORLD!

(Aren't you enjoying my excitement??)

In other news, Very important news, it's my darling wifey's 24th birthday. Alas, I can't spend it with her which sucks, and her birthday present hasn't even made it to the Post Office yet so it'll be late, but she knows I love her and miss her and will be seeing her SOON!

Happy Birthday Kinnel I hope it is wonderful!!

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