Thursday, May 27, 2010

Start your day off right!

So last night when I checked the mail, my trusty T-Mobile bill was waiting for me. Usually I never open them, just pay them online, but this time I decided that since we had made a couple of changes, I'd check. $148!!! What the heck?!?!?!

So then begins the mad scramble through tons of tiny font pages to find where those charges are coming from. I find them, on Brandon's line, in the amount of $15.98. Title? "Premium Charges". What does that even mean?? Because of the late hour I had to wait til this morning to call. I make the call and ask for a representative trying to stay calm so I don't take my frustration out on the other end.

A guy picks up almost immediately. Star #1. I explain my issue and he says, I know that is annoying. Lets have a look. Don't worry. Star #2. He says, well it looks like it was downloads, 3rd party and in house. I say, But my husband is gone, I have his phone.... He says well let me see what I can't find. Give me just a second. Then he says, Oh, it looks like they charged him twice for his game. I'll credit that right back. Star #3. "And 3rd party is like when you're watching tv and they want you to text an astrologer to learn your fake future." he says. I laugh, automatic Star #4. I said, Can we just turn that off? Cause it was so unintentional. He says absolutely, I think I can even credit some of the charges back. Ok, all done. What else can I help you with today? STAR #5

I have never been so pleased. I am reminded why I love T-Mobile. I am reminded why I keep my cell phone with them and how great they are. And what could have set my day off very poorly instead brought a smile to my face and a spring in my step. Go T-Mobile. :)

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