Friday, August 6, 2010

Susie Homemaker

So, you should know first and foremost, growing things in Hawaii is very very difficult. The soil is different. The sun is different. The humidity is different. And of course, the foliage is different.

Having said that, growing things for me always meant a veggie garden. Hey, I'm from East Tennessee, what do you expect?? :) But, being reasonable both in the size of my yard and the reality of my location, I set out to grow... dum dum dum dum..... Flowers. haha.

So, fast forward a year later to my dead plants. HAHAHAHA. Ok, so some of them lived, but not the pretty ones. Go figure. This lead me to my current flower garden. It's beautiful, and alive. It's made of Heather (yes I know, I'm special), Basil, and some lilies. Yes, a BEAUTIFUL purple flower garden with splashes of red and yellow. But anywho, the basil is why we are here. It started out small, and is now HUGE!! I trimmed it a bunch today and brought inside. I've been drying it all day now. Hopefully it will turn out. But I will have so much I'm definitely going to have to give it away. haha. So now I'm growing my own herbs. It's kinda cool really.

I'm proud of myself. The hubs is amused. But at least I'm far from bored!!!


  1. That's great! I'm so excited to start our garden next year. I've been in NY for a month but when I get home we are gettin the prep work done! I can't wait!! Don't feel bad about the flowers, I left and 2 weeks later my husband tells me most of my flowers and indoor trees are dead. He has a not so green thumb!

  2. Haha. That's great. My husband does have a green thumb, just not the patience. haha. All my plants would still die. :)



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