Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The adventure never ends.

So I promised more, here it is! (If you missed part one, you can find it here.)

We boarded our flight from Honolulu to Los Angeles with high energy and excitement at the prospect of being home, wherever that is. Early on in the flight we spent our time making fun of the people on the plane around us. Don't get proud on me, you know you do it, too.

But that was where the fun ended. You know how all airplanes are freezing? Yeah, we did, too. So we prepared. I brought my fuzzy socks, we wore sweatshirts and pants. AND IT WASN'T ENOUGH. Not only did we freeze the entire way, it was so cold, I got sick. Like with a cold. I was miserable. To top it off, the couple in front of us were super uptight. They were hippies in the Timberland boots wearing, Subaru driving, trail mix eating, Fiji water drinking kinda way. And buddy, they were annoying. The female kept looking over her shoulder every time we breathed the wrong way. Ugh. So how did my wonderful husband and I respond? By picking on her. :)

She was trying to use my reading light to do things like check her headphones or her socks, or her ipod. So I started turning it off when she turned to use it. Then when she turned back, I turned the light back on. Everytime someone around her blinked wrong, she hand sanitized like a germ freak, so Brandon started fake sneezing on her head. She kept looking at us for talking or making sound, so we started singing Marine Corps cadence. Etc. This was the highlight for our trip. haha. I'm chuckling just thinking about it.

We got to LA and immediately boarded for Dallas. That flight was pretty simple. In Dallas we got to begin the process of unchecking our babies so we could let Memphis potty and clean Gracie's litter box before rechecking them for the trip to Knoxville. In 5 hours. This was an ordeal. We finally got ahold of the babies and got to go sit in the cold with them for lack of a better place. Upon reentering security we got to do the entire process again. And guess what, once again Brandon had to pull the animals out of their kennels.

This time, while going through security ourselves, TSA decided my CLEAR PLASTIC cup was a danger and had to be separately scanned and my hands were GSR tested. haha. I'm seriously probably on a terrorist list somewhere.

We finally arrived in Knoxville tired, hungry, and worn out, but in 1 piece. Or technically 4 pieces with 2 carry ons, 2 personal items, and 5 suitcases.

.... To Be Continued.

Next up our Knoxville to Arizona adventures and times in Arizona!

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