Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's on my phone?? The Jumbo Edition

So, I've been super MIA lately. But I'm back now. I know you were worried. And lucky for you, I have a Jumbo edition for you. Because since I last participated, I have been in Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, California, back to Arizona, and back to Tennessee. Please enjoy. Oh, and go link up too!

In order to leave Hawaii, we had to ship the Jeep out. Hubby was very sad and broken up at the thought of being without the Jeep, but no worries, we now have it back in pristine the same condition we left her in. They put the vehicles in these really big Matson containers.

For my last birthday in Hawaii, we went to the beach. Big surprise I know. And look what hubby drew in the sand for me. I think he might like me a little. :)

In Arizona, Brandon took me to a really cool Western store and I got some new boots! I'm in love.

Brandon has 2 younger siblings who are still in school, because they are minors I will not release more info on them but to say he went and spoke to their classes! In fact he spoke to the ENTIRE school. This is him looking handsome. :)

In California, first up was Knott's Berry Farm. The Oldest Theme park in America. And the location for spotting this beauty. For the record, my MIL helped me sneak up to grab a good picture. Later she pointed out that he had matching flip flops on his NASTY feet, but I didn't get a picture of that.

We didn't get to go to Disneyland this trip, but we did get to shop in Downtown Disney! I love me some Belle. :)

This is the Oh-so-attractive Hollywood Boulevard. I know, classy right? But hey, I can say I've seen it.

And Oh, the Los Angeles traffic. Not a beautiful thing.

In San Diego, we got to hook up with our friends. This is their adorable baby, Merrick. Don't the hubs and I look good with a baby????? 0:)

Oh Mission Beach, how beautiful you are.

And what do you get at Mission Beach Park? Lemon Ice.

And one of my Favorite parts. Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. Beautiful, quaint, and super Irish. Sooooo fun.

I hope you enjoyed the jumbo edition! Hope to see you next week!!


  1. Absolutely LOVE it!! And I miss you so much!! :)

  2. I'm completely jealous about those boots.

  3. welcome back to the states my dear!! now where are u guys being stationed?! maybe we'll be neighbors!



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