Sunday, January 9, 2011

You've waited long enough!!

So our journey began 2 days after Christmas when they took our HHG's. Then the next day, we cleaned like crazy people and they took our house. Then the next day we drove across island and they took our Jeep. It was a couple of days full of feelings of loss, but we survived!

The 30th was my birthday. Hip Hip Hooray. I love my birthday. You got to see one of my most awesome presents (meeting Zach Braff), but in addition I also got my nails and toes done, my hair done, Bubba Gump's for dinner, and a great evening drive back.

The 31st dawned bright and early and we did some last minute things to prepare for leaving like playing donkey kong and mario on wii packing up our bags and babies and heading out! We arrived at the airport about 3.5 hours before our flight because we were traveling on orders with 5 suitcases, 2 animals, and 1 unloaded firearm. I'm sure you can imagine the ticket counter nightmare that was. It took hours of trying to determine the weather in Dallas (one of our layovers) to decide if our animals were even allowed to fly there. Once the man finally decided that yes, they could indeed fly there he came up with the bright idea that since we had a 5 hour layover we should uncheck them (they operate like baggage), hold them a couple of hours, and recheck them on to Knoxville. Lemme tell you what a great plan that was.

So now it's time to drop them through TSA checkpoint. Keep in mind, I have a scared doggie and KITTY. So Brandon takes them over to the checkpoint and is told he has to remove them from the kennels. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HONOLULU AIRPORT. Where there aren't even walls. My kitty has never been outside and is scared poopless. But, the other option is they don't fly, so out they come. Brandon was bitten and scratched all over in an attempt to keep fat sweet Gracie from bolting. But we made it. We got it all done and it was time to head through security. In security we were chosen for that new body screening thing. We had planned on refusing but there was a breakdown in communication so we did it. The cool part is metal doesn't effect it. haha.

We finally made it all the way to our gate with a *little* time to spare, sat down and ate our sandwiches. Next up, was boarding....

To Be Continued.

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  1. Hahaha love :) I can't wait for the next bit! I already know all this!! Haha and pretty much everything else too but still. :) I love you!! :) And I miss you immensely!



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