Friday, September 17, 2010

Unexpected dangers of deployment.

We all know the rules of OPSEC and are all so equally tired of it that we could scream. We find it annoying to have to tell family and friends things through code. "It's the same month as mom's birthday, got me??" We've all used similar comments to keep our circle informed. We've all been cautioned on not using the stickers with "Half my heart is in Iraqistan". We've all tied our yellow ribbons inside our home rather than on our front porch as our right SHOULD dictate.

And yet...

We've also all been that third wheel with friends where we assured our husband's weren't deadbeats who wouldn't come but rather were heroes who couldn't come. We've also all created photos in Picnik with captions on how are hearts are lonely.We've all assumed it was innocent and we were being so safe nothing could happen to us. Our husbands are the ones in danger, not us. Right?

Unfortunately,  that isn't the case. This weeks case of 24 year old Shana Hight is yet another example of the danger facing military wives. Certain predators out there will prey upon women they consider easy targets. Who seems easier than a woman whose husband is guaranteed to be away? Also important to remember is that the danger isn't gone just because you live on-base. Fellow military members and spouses are a danger to you as well. Sadly,  23 year old Myria Silva made a poor choice in having an affair while her husband was deployed, but that did not mean she deserved what Jermaine Johnson gave her.

This is just two examples out of many. The danger is real. OPSEC is meant to do more than protect your husband. It is also to protect you. Or your little ones. Please be careful in your daily dealings to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We don't want to read about you next.


  1. This is why it kills me when people violate OPSEC...they just don't get how important it is, like you said, for not only the military members, but their families as well. It is scary to think that just by posting a Facebook status that you're going to a specific place, or a blog entry that your spouse is in field training, etc. can make you vulnerable to predators.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. I have to admit as much as I cringe over OPSEC and my history with it, this is definitely a way I never thought to look at it. Good point!

  3. I agree completely. I hate when people blow it off. "Oh only my friends can read my facebook.." uhm no it's the internet, everyone can.. dumbass!



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