Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Ok, so not really. But we have gotten several packages this week and mail is always like Christmas to us. :)

First, we ordered some medicine for Gracie and it came. From Australia!! lol. Second, my darling husband, who would lose his head if it wasn't attached, lost the battery charger to his camera. And as he unintentionally broke my camera, I needed that charger. So I got online and found one through EBay. It's really cool. Plugs into the wall AND a cigarette lighter in the car! Only $7 too. :) It came.

Then, today a BIG package came from B's mom. She is so cute. She sent B some clothes which were very nice, and an Orange hoodie for me. With a note, "I spy something orange so it must be for Heather" :) :) I love UT and she knows my ability to spy orange anywhere. She also sent us more crystal to match our set. And so cute, school supplies for B. Ooohhhh---and FLIP FLOPS for B. You can't imagine what a blessing those are. He and I have been in every store on this island looking for the "right" ones. And she mailed them. I could have kissed them to not hear him whine. haha. jk. I'm just tickled to death.

In other news, the hubs took me to the beach yesterday. I've been missing it lately. But sadly, he got fried. :( He hasn't been this burned in awhile, poor hubby.

Lastly, as I'm sure this post is boring, haha, please keep our best friends the R's. Mr. R. had surgery and it's a slow recovery and Mrs. R. is hanging in there. :)


  1. Hi there! I am a new follower! I am also from Tennessee and I am a milspouse as well! We are stationed in Washington state so I am kind of jealous you got to be in Hawaii. Well just wanted to stop by and say Hi!


  2. Hey girl!
    I have been meaning to leave you a comment for quite some time now but after the dreaded "negative" I went into a depression I guess. Anyway, I am back now and getting ready to head your way. I have a quick question. Any ideas on what hotel we should stay at when we arrive?

  3. Erin--Yay for TN. :) I'm kinda jealous of you, I've always wanted to visit Washington (well, outside the Seattle Airport haha). Thanks for following!

    Mary-- I totally understand. I've prayed for you daily and had you on my mind. As far as hotels, if you want to spend a couple days in Waikiki before you get on base for long term staying, Hale Koa is the place to be. It's military and oceanfront. :) Otherwise, I'd just check out the hotel on your base cause that'll put you close to His work. :) I'm so excited for you to get here!!



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