Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love, marriage, etc.

So, something has been weighing on my mind recently. I've hesitated to write this post because it is certainly not my goal to point anyone out or to insult anyone or even to add pain to someone's situation. But, at the end of my deliberation, or at least this point where I am giving up deliberating, I've decided to write it anyway.

I've never claimed to be perfect, and I do not claim that now. I do not claim to be an expert on relationships or marriage as my husband and I learn something new each day. But there are some things I've been told my entire life and some things I've witnessed and I'd like to share this information with others in the hopes that perhaps it'll help save someone down the road.

A relationship is like a child. You cherish that relationship, you have to be actively involved in that relationship, you have to protect that relationship, respect it, and if God-forbid it ends, you will mourn it as a loss. As such, why would you jepordize that relationship? If it is so very valuable would you not do everything in your power to preserve it?

I have learned something from marriage. That is to be careful of who you friend. There is safe zones, iffy zones, and danger zones. Ex: Safe zone--Your girlfriend who lives down the street. Iffy Zone-- Male co-workers. Danger Zone-- The single guy you went to high school with who has always had a crush on you. Or your friend's husband.

I say all of this because I ask you, is that friendship with your friend's husband that valuable? Do you desire his facebook comments above your husband's kisses? Do you crave that next text message from your high school friend more than you crave to hear I Do fall from your fiance's lips?

To save yourself from mourning the loss of that relationship, that child you have created, just ask yourself is a moment of gratification worth even a minute of unhappiness, a minute without the one who makes your heart skip a beat? Just food for thought.

I'm sorry for the soap box. I have just been living my most recent days watching dear friend's marriages, and relationships, fall apart. I see the pain they experience and it breaks my heart. Protect your relationships. Protect them as you would your child.

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  1. I loved reading this! Very well said :)



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