Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This weekend, the hubs, myself and another married couple played Taboo. This was the clue and guess exchange between Mrs. R's husband and mine. haha. Needless to say Mrs. R and I won. :)

We love to play board games as a foursome. And the husbands like to make Mrs. R and I happy so they play along. haha. Taboo has become a quick favorite. For those who haven't played it, it's a simple game. You have a card with a word at the top that you are trying to get your partner to guess. Below it there are 5 more words that you cannot say while giving your clue. Easy to explain, hard to do!

This is much like life I suppose. Taboo. There are things we don't talk about. Things we don't do. Things that aren't appropriate. And then there are things that we want to talk about, things we want to bring up with our friends or family that we just can't. When is it appropriate? When are you allowed to look at a friend and say "Don't do that, it's a bad decision!!" And how do you keep from looking hypocritical? But sometimes I guess you just can't help people. You have to let them fall on their own. Just as we ourselves had to fall down, too.

I leave you with a peek into Mrs. R and my clue system. The secret to our success.
We wear these everyday.
What Mrs. S has to do now to move around. (She's pregnant)
What your brand new phone is.

hehe. :) The husbands sit in awe every time. :)


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