Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 28

What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Oh Lord. Don't get me wrong, B and I do very very much want children. Just not yet. We're about to be moving, without jobs, without a home, with only one car, to a place we've never even visited. HAHA! Does this seem like the best time to find out we're expecting?? Not hardly. Now, there's a conversion scale for military. You know how your dog has 7 years to every 1 of yours?? On base it's like that in childbearing. So to be 24/25 without kids is like being 45 without kids here. You may laugh, but all you milspouses know what I mean.

It occured to Brandon the other day that the new "boots" (fresh to the fleet, no experience) can be up to 8 years younger than him. ha. ha. ha. Most of the wives (and some husbands) aren't legally old enough to drink. Oh yeah, I even know one wife who isn't legally old enough to buy cigarettes. Just sayin'.

So for us to say that we're going to wait even a few more years to have kids is blowing some minds. But we want some time together. We want to travel a little bit, buy a home, get jobs post-USMC. So we're waiting. Happily.

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