Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Different Breed

They've got shiny cars and polished nails
Yeah, those girls they've got everything right
They've got fancy clothes, perfect hair, steady lives
But I don't

They're the first to send out thank you notes
They've got well kept homes to entertain
They'll do anything just to please you
But I won't

If these are the girls that you choose
What make you think I'd be good for you

Can you tell me baby
What do you see in me
I'm a FAST RIDE I'm a crashing tide and
I'm crazy
Can you tell me baby
What do you see in me
You've loved a long line of consistency
I'm a different breed

This is an excerpt from "A Different Breed" by Carter's Chord. It's a great song. I enjoy it because let's be real, 90% of the time I live in a pony tail. Other women curl and flip with their hair. I like Volunteer t-shirts and Soffee shorts when home, they wear high heels. But that's ok, cause my hubby loves me for my frazzled, stressed, waits for the laundry to pile up and I do it all at once, me.

Sometimes we forget that we don't always have to be perfect, or always be trying for others to like us. To impress those around us. We can just be ourselves. If you are always yourself and never trying that hard then you don't ever have to worry about disappointing others when they see the real you. :) Just some food for thought.

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