Monday, November 15, 2010

It's never goodbye, it's always I'll see you later.

So today was a sad day. It was yet another day they don't tell you about when you sign on the dotted line to become a Milspouse. Today wasn't the day that my husband left for training, it wasn't the day I moved away from family to be with my husband, it wasn't even the day that he deployed for war. Today was the day that my first friend left island to soon be followed by others, and then myself.

Today was the last day we will all be together here at this duty station together. It was the last day we will all live down the street from each other and take nightly walks, day trips to the beach, or have lunch in the Keys (Waikiki).

Mrs. G. is the first to go. She is so sweet and kind. She's a fresh breath of air and the kind of friend you hang on to. I already miss her and she's just at the airport.

This is the part of this life they forget to tell you about. The part where you are always making great friends for a lifetime, then moving away. And they don't tell you that you won't always be the one leaving. That would be easier. To pick yourself up and move your family is easier. They don't tell you that sometimes you will be the one left behind. That's harder. Soon I'll be the leaver, but today I'm being left. And it sucks. But I'm proud to tell you that I didn't cry.

At least not until the door closed behind her.

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