Monday, November 22, 2010

Nutcracker Overload

So I feel the need to share a funny experience in my life. Mostly because it cracks everyone up and yet, somehow everyone forgets and repeats history with me.

Ok, so there is this play called the Nutcracker. And I HATE it. Like more than hate it. I DESPISE it.

In middle school, my class saw the Nutcracker. On ice. The only thing worse than the Nutcracker is when you put it on ice. So when high school rolled around, my theater class attended a play. It was the Nutcracker. I thought, it can't be as bad off ice. I was wrong. I endured.

Finally, the Nutcracker is out of my system! Oh wait, for my freshman year of college, my then boyfriend worked really hard, saved up lots of money and bought really expensive, super good seats, tickets. To the Nutcracker. We traveled all the way to Nashville and big surprise, I hated it.

This is it, never again, no more Nutcracker. Until oh yeah, 2 years later, a different boyfriend surprises me with tickets. TO THE NUTCRACKER. This time I took lots of bubble gum. And again, I sat through this play.

I'm not sure why I give off this vibe that the best Christmas present you could provide me is tickets to the Nutcracker. I have tried my best to explain to people as loudly and as often as I can that I HATE THE NUTCRACKER! It has never helped. What has brought this blog on you ask?? The appearance of 2 very inconspicuous, small, paper thin packages under the tree with my name on them.

I swear, if they are tickets to the Nutcracker....


  1. hahahaha oh god please let us know after christmas!

  2. Hahahaha.
    I love the Nutcracker.
    And I just may have to kidnap you now. ;)

  3. I'll be sure to do an update. haha

    And Brie. Have you heard about those victims who kill themselves rather than be taken hostage alive? That's me. :D

  4. How did I miss this post? Haha. I wish we could trade places. No one ever takes me to the Nutcracker and I LOVE it. I listen to Tchaikovsky even when it isn't Christmas.



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