Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Christmas Cards??? YES, PLEASE!!!

So, it's finally that time again! The wonderful fun filled, activity packed, Holiday season! In our household, all before the end of January, we have Thanksgiving, Mom's birthday, Christmas, my birthday, brother-in-law's birthday, Dad's birthday, my husband's birthday, and our Anniversary! We have a very busy and expensive few months. But as a blogger, with Shutterfly's help, things just got a little bit easier!! Currently if you are a blogger, and LOVE Holiday cards, they have a deal for you! You can check out their choices, and sign up yourself Here They have some GREAT options! My favorite so far is:

I like a simple card sometimes.
My husband's favorite is:

And one last GREAT idea from Shutterfly?? Take that Beautiful Christmas card picture you had made and turn it into art! That way your Christmas Card can hang in your house, too!!

Hope these ideas help your Holiday season run a little smoother!!!

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