Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's on Heather's Phone??

It's Tuesday again! I'm not even sure I have enough new pictures on my phone for this! Haha. Well, enjoy what I have anyways. :)

*Please note that while my phone is touch screen, it's not snazzy and fancy and barely gets on the internet. Sorry my picture quality is lame-o.*

First up, because we are TMOing our HHG IMMEDIATELY after Christmas, I insisted we break with tradition and put up our tree early. Usually we do it the day after Thanksgiving after our Black Friday shopping, but we will be painting back walls that day so boo.

Next up is my haul from a recent trip to Borders. Here on island, Borders is the only choice for bookstores. I frequent the used bookstore, the Book Rack, a lot but for anything new, Borders is it. I dug through the discount aisle and came up with all these books! And all for the total price of $22. :)

It wouldn't be my phone if it wasn't covered in pictures of my babies. This is Gracie on our bed. He likes to do weird things like try to fit between the slats in the footboard..... Also, please note that the bed is rumpled because I was washing the sheets and had pulled the quilt over the mattress to protect it from cat hair... haha

In my house, you can't go to the bathroom alone. And if you do, this is what will happen. Yes, that's a foot.

Lastly, I don't have a picture of Memphis, but I have a picture of the destruction he left behind. This is the closet beneath our staircase. It has all the boxes from our belongings, the vacuum, and some glasses. Or at least it used to have some glasses...

I hope you enjoyed this walk through my phone!!

1 comment:

  1. books? what are those?

    love the cat paw. it reminds me of my cat growing up who would do the same thing.

    see u next week chick!



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