Thursday, February 24, 2011

Award from my Wifey.

So my beautiful Wifey over at 365 Days and Counting gave me a sweet award. The last time I got one of these I was bad and didn't actually post about it or pass it on or anything. But because Kindle is wonderful, I will play along. Thank you Kinnel for your love. :)

Now for those 5 lovely ladies.....

1) I will give it back to Kindle because she is beautiful and I love her and she doesn't always get the recognition the rest of us get because of her "situation". hmph
2)Maresa because she has helped keep me sane when the hubby was here, gone, or just here but gone in mind/spirit.
3)TheBlogtessa because she will always be honest and open and never fails to speak her mind. I respect her and I respect the fact that we can disagree on opinions but still appreciate and respect each other. 
4)Amy because she is such a strong individual. She has had a lot of bumps in the road and never lets it get her down.
5)Ines is such a fun blogger. I love to read her blog. If I only have time to read one or two blogs I can guarantee she is one of them.

 So there you have it ladies. ENJOY!!


  1. Awww! I loves you very much! I can't wait til summer time!! Whew hew!!



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