Sunday, February 27, 2011

Facebook stalkers

Sometimes I just blank. I sit in front of the screen and go completely empty. And I thought tonight was going to be one if those nights. Til I got on facebook. We're all guilty of it. Secretly getting on crackbook at all hours of the day or night.

I'm an avid follower. You'd never know it because I don't update my status a lot or change my profile picture or upload snapshots. That's because there are two kind of facebookers. Those who change their stuff a lot, we'll call those people strutters because they like to strut their stuff and then there is the other category. The one I fit in. The stalkers. We'repretty self explanatory. We creep the cyber world but never reveal much of or own lives. Why? You ask? Simple.

Because we're boring.

We don't have interesting divorces or baby mamas to read about. We don't have crazy cousins (that are on facebook) or drug addicted siblings to post about. And as great as it is to not have those things, secretly we're a little jealous. Cause you, with your super interesting life will get 25 comments and will be at the top of my newsfeed even if I don't click "most recent". I however wil be halfway down the page without even a "like". And we all know our self-worth is based on facebook popularity.

How's that for irony?


  1. I interact a lot on Facebook and have very chatty friends so it's not uncommon to have 10 or more comments on a status update I post. Generally we end up going off topic though. Does that count? And I can't say I'm all that interesting, I just live far away. I also stalk a bit. LOL I can't help it. I love looking through other peoples pictures.

  2. i think i'm a little bit of both, but more so a stalker. i can creep facebook for hours!

  3. I love FB! I'm your newest follower through Military Monday! :) I have a fun military handbag giveaway going on right now that closes today at 10pm (EST)!

  4. I stalk you, too. But it's only cuz I miss you

  5. I'll admit I'm a strutter of sorts. I get on facebook to update, and if I see something in my News Feed worth commenting on, I will. But I don't actually "go" to other people's profiles. Ever. If it comes up in the feed, I see it. If it doesn't, I miss it. It's maybe not reciprocal because I know there are the same group of people who constantly comment on my statuses that I can honestly say I can't remember the last time I was by their way, but if they haven't come up on my homepage anytime recently it just plays out that way.

  6. lol, i update fb a couple times a day, but it's not because i have an interesting life, i'm just spastic. LOL!!


  7. no shame in being a stalker, girl! i mostly stopped updating because the blog takes up that time, but i still love to hop on and scroll through *other* people's statuses. i guess admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? ;)

  8. i'm a leo. enough said.

    but what about blogging? is there a strutter/stalker dichotomy with blogging?



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