Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Heart Wednesday (On Thursday)

So I'm a little late. Oooops.

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What do I heart this week?
I heart Pretty Little Liars. That's right. A TV show. About teenage girls. And I LOVE it. I did some research that will blow your mind. Alison? She's 14 in real life. The others are all between 21 and 25. And get this, Ezra--He's younger than Spencer in real life. He's only 24. And also, Aria is from Memphis, TN. <3 Love <3

 Got a Secret can you keep it,
swear this one you'll save,
gotta lock it in your pocket,
taking this one to the grace.

If I show you, Then I know you
won't tell what I said,
Cause two can keep a secret,
If one of them is dead.


  1. Wait, is the show based on a book or real life events? p.s. This show is my guilty pleasure, haha

  2. I've never seen it just because I have this aversion to all things ABC Family, but I hate hate hate it when shows cast people, clearly grown adults, as teenagers! Drives me bonkers!



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