Thursday, December 9, 2010

The death of a post.

So I was laying in bed imagining this blog. It's what I do most nights before I go to sleep. A lot of blogs never come to pass but I was determined this one would. However, as I got up and came downstairs all geared up to write it, I noticed a new blog posted by an amazing Marine Corps widow. I couldn't help my curiosity at reading this blog prior to getting started.

And that is where my original blog died.

I have stressed lately, there is no secret in that. I have been far from grateful for our situation in life, there is no secret in that. I have worried about the future and the uncertainty that is to come and I have wished some things could be different. I have asked myself time and again, "What are the two of us going to do?... Really?"

And tonight I was reminded that the answer is inside the question. The TWO of us will figure it out together. The TWO of us will make it work. The TWO of us will have each other.

I think about our last couple of years and smile. I think about the next 50 or so and smile. And I realize how fortunate I am to have those next 50 or so.

I read a lot. And in the most recent book I read he was given a choice of giving up his life for her freedom. Not even her life, just her happiness and freedom. And he chose death. Now before I turn away readers, he didn't die but, the point was he chose death. And he said to her "I need you. If I can have one hour or one lifetime I'll take either. But the truth is, I need you." I know this widow would make the same choices again. I know she would take the months she had with her husband rather than live a lifetime never having had him at all.

Also in this book was a bit of advice that stuck. People tend to regret the things they didn't do more than the things they did. So make your choices, take those risks, step out on that limb. You're more likely to regret not taking the step than to regret IF you fall.


  1. Wow, you got a high imagination to post this article. Cool !

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  2. What book is this?? I'd love to read it.

  3. Ditto Brie...what book is this? Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing a great post.

    And great to see you on the weekly roundup!

  4. It's actually The Book of Scandal by Julia London. It's a cheesy romance novel that I bought for a couple of dollars in the clearance bin at Border's. And it turned out to be very deep. They are a couple who's marriage is shattered and they are attempting to put it back together. It was amazing and I marked several passages that I adored. I HIGHLY recommend!



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