Monday, December 6, 2010


So I'm here to introduce you to some important people in my life who have just gotten started blogging. They are very near and dear to me so please go check them out!! (P.S. I'm introducing them in the order they created their blogs, not playing favorites)

First up is Kindle. She's my wifey. She has been there for me for a bunch of years and is closer than close to me. Her blog is different from the norm. It's controversial. Do NOT go there and judge her. Do NOT go there and preach at her. We all have our beliefs. This is her space to be her, so do not go class it down. Got it? Great, now go enjoy her!!!!!
365 Days and Counting

Next up is "Mrs. R." from this blog. Also known as Maresa. :) She is a wonderful friend who I have been fortunate to meet here on island and who's husband has deployed again. This is their second pump together and this is her space.
Missing *Him*

Last but MOST CERTAINLY not least is my darling and wonderful husband, Brandon. You've heard about him here, now you can go read straight from him!! He is very honest and blunt so be prepared to hear it like it is! :)
Redneck Romeo

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  1. I love you. :) It's funny because I rarely think of myself as "controversial." I'm just a cute lil' nothin'!

    But I guess I am as liberal as you are conservative. Haha. It's why we're friends. :)



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