Monday, December 20, 2010

He's not MY Marine.

I feel the need to vent a little. I'm pretty darn tired of people going on and on about "being married to a Marine". (P.S. This applies to being in a relationship with one, too.) Here's the thing, I'm married to my husband. Who by trade happens to be a member of the Marine Corps. I'm not married to the job. I chose the man. Why is this difficult? If your husband was a plumber would you go around talking about "your plumber"?

We're all guilty of it from time to time. Especially here in bloggy land because we are attempting to keep some anonymity. And you eventually sound redundant if you keep saying "my hubs, the hubs, the husband, my man, etc." But COME ON. When you met your husband, when he introduced himself, how did he introduce himself? Did he say, "Hi, I'm the Marine. Wanna dance?" Or did he say, "Hi, I'm So-and-So. Wanna grab some dinner?"

I'd put money on the latter. In fact, a large quantity of us met our spouses pre-Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has taken over majority of our lives. They control where we live, how much we make, when we spend time together, when we visit family, practically when we breathe. But you know what? They didn't take my husband's name, they didn't take his personality. So I'm changing things around here. So here it is, This is my husband before the Marine Corps. This is the man that convinced me to marry him (although after seeing this picture I'm sure you'll ask yourself how. haha) In all his "Special" glory.

This is Brandon.


  1. luv this post. i'm not married to a Marine, mine is in the air force but i don't say my "flyer" or my "airman". but i DO want to come up with a name for him, cuz it's true.."hubby" gets old.
    i understand peeps are proud of their spouse, but you did make a good point here. :)



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