Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's on Heather's Phone???

Yay for What's on my phone Tuesday?!?! Hop on over to Jessica's page to grab this AwEsOmE button and join in on the fun!!

So because of the moving chorefun I have suitcases everywhere. I'm trying to pack up the clothes going with us on our month long vacation rather than ship with our HHG. My darling kitty Gracie loves suitcases. So in an attempt to keep him out of the one I was using, I opened up an empty one for him. This wasn't good enough. Until I added some towels for cushion..... (forgive the blurry)

So because we're moving, and we're heading somewhere cold, the thought was brought up that my little beach dog will be very cold. (And since hubs wants to take him hunting...) I sliced up a pair of old cammies and went to work on an outfit. This is just a test run as the final product will be made out of woodlands and will have the nametape "Devil Dog" attached above the pocket. Oh and be fleece lined. hehe

So in all my excitement to move, I forgot how much I'm going to miss here. The people, the fun, and very importantly, the beach.

Lastly, and yes, I know this is a short post, but hey, I'm headed out to get a massage so I'm sure you'll all forgive me. hehe. This is my darling playing our BRAND NEW Rockband. We love it. And we're getting pretty good! It was our mutual Christmas present to ourselves. :)

I'm glad you stopped by! Hope to see you again next week!!


  1. Cute doggie outfit. My husband has about a million pairs of old cammies, I wonder what I can make from them...
    Good luck on your move! =)

  2. Thanks for sharing - every time I see a cat acting like, well, a cat - it makes me miss mine more.

  3. aww cute kitty and pup! I love his outfit!
    (that beach looks really good right now lol) too old

  4. how fun getting a massage!
    and i, too, miss living by the beach. well, we weren't supppper close, but close enough to drive to it in about 2 hours. now we're days away.. :(

  5. The cat is funny!
    Love the doggy jacket!
    I so wish I lived near a beach!
    Can't remember the last time a had a massage...

  6. Um...it's not Christmas yet. Just thought you should know.

  7. Gracie is so cute, my cat does the exact same thing.

  8. Naw, I love your kitty. Thanks for visiting! My cat surprise attacks me as I walk past too.
    Wanna follow each other?
    Ang xxx

  9. ur not allowed to play anymore if you don't post pics of ur hot husband. thank you.

    and you could TOTALLY sell those dog cammies!!! what a great idea. get on that girl!

  10. hahaha there is a cat in your suitcase! i love that!

  11. the beach AND a massage? hmmph. jealous.
    welcome to the cold. ;)

    uh, mad sewing skills, that is awesome for your dog, cute idea!!



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